Do LED Bulbs Need a Transformer? (A Must Read!)

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The internal components of LED bulbs are designed to work with low voltage (e.g. 12V or 24V). Depending on where you live your mains voltage would typically be rated 110-24-v, which brings us to why an LED bulb would need a transformer. Let me explain. Do LED bulbs need a transformer? Yes, so long as … Read more

Do LED Bulbs Work in Projector Headlights? Answered

LED headlights

Modern cars are making a dramatic shift towards LED lights, not only for the headlamps but daytime running lights, taillights, and even fog lamps as well are increasingly using LED lights. In the past, only high-end cars were factory fitted with LED lights. Today, the story is different, we now have many lower-priced vehicles equipped … Read more

Are led headlights legal in Australia? Answered

Are led headlights legal in Australia?

In recent years, LED headlights have risen in popularity due to their long lifespan and energy efficiency. The rise in popularity has also attracted questions about whether or not they are legal to use on vehicles in Australia. This article explores in great depth, the legality of LED headlights in Australia, including any potential risks … Read more

Do LED Tube Lights Need a Starter ?

Fluorescent tube lights are as old as dinosaurs and have been around for quite some time. While these lights are not the most efficient bulbs on the market, they can are an ideal example of clever engineering. They produce light by passing a current through a sealed gas tube filled at low pressure with argon … Read more

Why Are My LED Lights Not Bright? Answered

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Nothing beats the brightness of an LED working in perfect condition. So you have cleverly replaced your traditional bulbs with energy-saving and long-lasting LEDs. However, these bulbs are not without problems, just like any other electrical device, you are running into some issues and cannot wait to understand why you are besieged by these problems. … Read more

Why Do LED Lights Flicker On Video & Camera?

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At plane sight, LED bulbs look stable to our eyes, but the only reason we perceive them to be stable is that LED light sources flicker at a rate imperceptible to the human eyes.  You may have observed an LED bulb making a flickering image in your camera, but running normally when viewed directly, this … Read more

Do LED Lights Attract Silverfish? The Ultimate Guide


Silverfish or Lepisma saccharinum is a primitive, small and wingless insect species of the family Lepismatidae. Silverfish get their name from the color of their scales, which are silver or metallic brown.  Do LED lights attract silverfish? No, LED lights do not attract silverfish. Silverfish are nocturnal and are mostly found in environments with little to … Read more